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Unique and timeless furniture for your living room. Indulge and spoil your living room with bespoke pieces from Future Classics Furniture. Each piece tells a story and is handcrafted by traditional artisans, combining lux with quality and comfort, Future Classics Furniture will continuously impress you with their dedication to their work.

Future Classics Furniture

Summer in your Living Room – How to brighten-up & elevate the Space?

The living room is usually the heart of a household. Whether you own a big family house in the suburbs or you are sharing an apartment with friends in the main city – you got to have a nice ‘homely’ living room that just brightens up your day and elevate your spirits every time you walk in. With summers coming up, it is probably a great idea to rearrange a few things in your living room – maybe go a little bold on the color palette of your interior, introduce some vibrancy through accent pieces, add a personalized glam to your living room’s wall in form of paintings. Basically anything that screams summer should be your gateway to a great... Read More

Hottest Interior Design Trends in 2018-19

Just like retail fashion & designer clothing, interior design trends also come and go; they change every season with new styles, colors and materials preferred by interior design specialists. From innovation in living room furniture to the paint on the walls, every year, the thought behind designing your home gets revamped. This change is generally influenced by the patterns of inspirations that an average consumer goes through all around the year. And sometimes, interior designers bring in something creatively new only to bring about a change in the monotony. So, what do we have in store for the coming year? Here are a few interior design trends that you can watch out for; especially if you are looking to renovate... Read More