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Unique and timeless furniture for your living room. Indulge and spoil your living room with bespoke pieces from Future Classics Furniture. Each piece tells a story and is handcrafted by traditional artisans, combining lux with quality and comfort, Future Classics Furniture will continuously impress you with their dedication to their work.

Future Classics Furniture

Two For One

In our daily life we are pushed to be multi-skilled in the work place and with time restraints at times encouraged to multi-task.    It's no different with our furniture at home.   Especially when it comes to smaller spaces multi-functional pieces are real space savers. In the current home decor market there are an array of multi-functional pieces to select from. Sofa beds; storage ottomans used as both a coffee table and additional seating; and stools as side tables which can be brought out for additional seating when entertaining are some examples to name a few. Innovation is key. Think outside the box and you may just be surprised with the pieces you find that can be used for... Read More

Bringing the Outdoors In

Greens are not only good for your diet but also a great way to inject life into your home. Bringing the outdoors in with plant life is a great way to decorate your living space. Some may shy away from having plants in their household as they think of the commitment involved when caring for a living artefact. However, we are spoilt for choice with plenty of low maintenance indoor plant solutions as well as an array of great quality faux plants and flowers available in the market - the new age 'evergreen'. Get creative when decorating your home with flora to suit your lifestyle & your home decor. Select colour pallets that jive with your surroundings and most importantly... Read More