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Hottest Interior Design Trends in 2018-19

Posted by Benjamin Alibuyog on

Interior design trends 2018

Just like retail fashion & designer clothing, interior design trends also come and go; they change every season with new styles, colors and materials preferred by interior design specialists. From innovation in living room furniture to the paint on the walls, every year, the thought behind designing your home gets revamped. This change is generally influenced by the patterns of inspirations that an average consumer goes through all around the year. And sometimes, interior designers bring in something creatively new only to bring about a change in the monotony.

So, what do we have in store for the coming year? Here are a few interior design trends that you can watch out for; especially if you are looking to renovate your current living space.

  1. Earth Tones

The past decade has been all about sharp, edgy metallic and silver; from the architecture of buildings to home décor trends that were followed by millions around the globe. The saturation of this trend has brought a paradigm shift in the way people approach interior design now. In 2018-19, one trend that you will see heavily infiltrating interior spaces is usage of ‘earth tones’ in the living room, on the bedroom furniture or the colors on the walls.


  1. Pop Of Vibrant Colors

While earth tones dominate interior spaces, a pop of bright, vibrant colors will also takeover. Perhaps to neutralize the effect of plain earth tones and add a little bit of exciting energy to the living space. Vibrant colors will be seen in cushions, lamps, curtains, rugs; complimenting the overall simple choice of shades.


  1. Metallic Vases & Décor

Not everything will become earthly, wooden and organic. Instead, we will be seeing a blend of naturalism & modernity in interior design. Accessories such as vases, urns, lamps, wall clocks et cetera in silver and metallic will accentuate the ambiance of living rooms and bedrooms; providing a sharp, edgy look to the interior space.


  1. Pastel Walls & Furniture

Pastels is the hottest color trend of the season. From clothing to home linen and interior design, there is no space left for this color palette to takeover. However, interestingly, instead of mixing a combination of pastels with vibrant colors, this year, pastels over pastels is in vogue. Pastel furniture over pastel walls and home décor is the latest trend of the season!


  1. Dash of Abstract Wall Hangings

Since it is all about experimenting in style and this year’s trends have been taken over by the lighter shades of color, there has to be a touch of abstractness that completes the whole look. Wall hangings such as floating shelves, mirrors are being crafted in random designs to pop out in any interior space.


  1. Charcoal Grey On The Wall

This is the color of the season. No matter in which pastel color you pick your home furniture, putting it up against a charcoal grey wall is in style. Interior design specialists believe charcoal grey accentuates the entire atmosphere of the room. And we don’t disagree!

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