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How to Capture the Essence of True French Provincial Influence

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French provincial is the phrase used for an earthy style of casual living that started in the middle of the 18th century in France. This was the time when people in France started to emulate the style of lavish furnishings. This style became so pervasive that aristocrats and peasants alike started to adorn their estates and chateaux using French provincial. This style of interior design is so warm and soothing that it has become a symbol of refined taste. Today, after more than 300 years, the French provincial is still appreciated and considered a reflection of the good taste of the individual.

This classic style goes well with all kinds of furniture materials

French provincial incorporates not just timber but also marble, stone, and wrought iron. These are the materials that are most commonly used for construction all over France, even in the countryside. This style which focused in the beginning on decorative luxury alone later evolved into a way of living that was very warm and welcoming. The main reason why it still brightens the living room furniture is because it creates a very sophisticated look. It basically combines exquisite linens having gentle tones with ornate furnishings. This combination still creates magical ambience in modern homes.

Choose the color palette carefully

If you can get it right, French provincial can get an ‘oh la la’ from your guests the moment they step into your living room.  Just remember that the magical look and style of French provincial is achieved by using linens having soft colors. This means you cannot go beyond white, ivory, taupe, light grey, and sage hues when decorating your living room. But you can combine this palette with a fabulous looking chandelier to create a magical ambience for your guests. Make use of genuine French linens for the purpose of furnishing. It looks better and grand as it ages.

Carving and molding are the strong features

Molding is one feature that is the cornerstone of French provincial. From the wall and the cornice to the fireplace and the skirting board, you will find that each and every piece of furniture in this style of interior designing carries some or the other form of decorative detailing. All furniture items and even the cabinets display the theme of molding to get the complete look of the vintage French provincial.


It is not just the living room but all other places like the bathroom and the kitchen that can be decorated using the French provincial style of interior design. All it takes is attention to detail and finding beauty in the items that are used in other rooms. This is why the items of furniture such as the cabinets and tables used in bathroom and kitchen are as important as the coffee table used in the living room. You will find that even the selection of fresh flowers and the soap in the bathroom is done carefully so that they match with each other and the rest of the interiors.


If you are planning to have the French provincial style in your home, you will need to extend it to your kitchen as well. From the stove to the taps in the sink, you will have to carefully choose the features in the kitchen to match them perfectly with the interiors of the rest of your home. Do not forget the ceramic jug, the wooden spoons, and the linen tea towels.  Make sure that the cabinetry inside the kitchen carries the same decorative style of molding as in the bathroom and the living room.

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