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Summer in your Living Room – How to brighten-up & elevate the Space?

Posted by Benjamin Alibuyog on

The living room is usually the heart of a household. Whether you own a big family house in the suburbs or you are sharing an apartment with friends in the main city – you got to have a nice ‘homely’ living room that just brightens up your day and elevate your spirits every time you walk in. With summers coming up, it is probably a great idea to rearrange a few things in your living room – maybe go a little bold on the color palette of your interior, introduce some vibrancy through accent pieces, add a personalized glam to your living room’s wall in form of paintings. Basically anything that screams summer should be your gateway to a great home décor. In case you are on a summer interior design trends hunt, but you do not want to go through the hassle of entirely changing your living setup, try one of these little yet effective interior décor tips:

Seasonal Toss Pillows

Seasonal Toss Pillows Sofa Culture

No matter if you have a traditional or a modern living room – you are bound to have a sofa or a couch. Where else would you sit in an over sized shirt and sip margaritas all summer? While purchasing something as significant as a couch or sofa, make sure you go for neutral colors. Then you can seasonally transition them by adding in-trend toss pillows as accent pieces. Add some vibrant pops of colors like teal, matte dark blue, popping yellow or fuchsia. Pineapples are something that screams summer, why don’t you grab a throw pillow with a cute pineapple print? It would add a chic and contemporary vibe to your living room.

Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants Sofa Culture

Get yourself an indoor plant. Or better an indoor tree. Indoor plants add an instant burst of freshness in your room. While they purify the air of your room, they are so easy, calm, and serene on eyes. Also, quite a budget friendly way to add a ‘summery’ feel to your living room! Succulent plants are the easiest to take care of. Start with small potters on a window sill and then extend your pup collection. Also, paint your plant pots in fun vibrant colors. That would also add a bright pop of summer colors to your living room.

Furniture Slip Covers

Well, if you want a summer accent furniture piece in your living room, yet you don’t want to spend big bucks on getting something that you will have to change once the season changes, get some furniture slip covers. They work brilliantly for sofas and large chairs. Maybe you can get a bright mandarin-orange cover for your large chairs while keeping the rest of the pieces neutral. Do not go overboard while adding funky pieces though – the beauty lies in the balance and equilibrium between funky and elegant pieces.

Floating or Geometrical Wall Shelves

Wall shelves Sofa Culture

Bring home some wall shelving – the super fun kind. Geometrical patterns are all the rage these days. Your wall mounting says a lot about your personality. Have fun with it. Display your knick knacks there – maybe some books, magazines, holiday souvenirs, family photos or even your summer scented aromatic candles.

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